At Swallowfield, we see ourselves as being the ‘behind the scene’ brand to both high street and high-end cosmetic and toiletries brands.

With an unrivialled range of formulations and ongoing investment in new technologies and products, we take satisfaction from our ability to predict the next big thing and ensure that all the newest and best ideas – from non-streak fake tan to colour-adapting foundation – gain the attention of buyers and ultimately end up on the shelves.

Together, the team at Swallowfield offers customers the full range of services to ensure that this happens. In each part of our business we aim to attract and maintain a diverse employee base. We offer opportunities in the following key business areas:

We are a passionate, forward-thinking team who take pride in the influence we have in creating products that are known across the globe and that enhance the lives of millions and millions of customers. You’d be hard pushed to find a home in the UK that doesn’t contain products developed and produced by Swallowfield.